A Perfect Pergola!

Pergolas are the perfect way to spice up your landscape.  They look awesome, can create a beautiful outdoor room and in this case, solve a backyard dilemma.

Pergola medium shot

Originally the area next to the garage was used as a walk-through to the alley.  With a small urban backyard, this was truly wasted space that needed to be reclaimed.  But how?  Most of the ideas to repurpose this area seemed a little  awkward.

Pergola before

The solution?  A pergola kit!

Pergola kit box

This twelve-by-ten foot cedar kit from Sam’s Club fit the space perfectly.  Of course we could’ve had one custom made, or found a different size online, but this was a slam dunk.  It was delivered in just a few days and two guys had it assembled in about two hours.

Pergola assembly 1

The structure came prefinshed so once the assembly was complete, the pergola was ready to use.

Pergola cu

The simple structure creates an outdoor room that looks beautiful and makes the most of this previously unused space.

Pergola super wide 2

The new pergola also creates a great transition between the dining table and the sitting area.

Pergola bridge

Pergola table

Pergola chairs

This pull down screen is a sweet extra feature that adds privacy–blocking out the alley.

Pergola screen wide 2

Pergola screen ms

The pergola adds a whole new dimension to this urban backyard.  It made use of a once awkward space, creating an outdoor room.  Best of all, it lets the sunshine in!

Pergola ceiling 2

Pergola ceiling

Pergola final

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